Is Peanut Butter Good for Dogs & Can They Eat It Safely?

  • May 13, 2022
  • By Venkateswara Reddy
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Maintaining a healthy diet for your dogs is complicated when you don’t know whether the treats dogs like to lick will be fit enough to give them frequently. For example, peanut butter is one popular treat dogs want to finish off. Whether it’s a new pet parent or veterinarian — what they often ask is — is peanut butter good for dogs? Of course, the answer would be yes! Regular peanut butter is easily digestible and safe to give your dog as a treat.

There are still some exceptions that you can take as precautions to prevent your dog from any future health issues. As usual, with a responsibility to take care of your dog, a significant challenge comes to looking after their health. Unfortunately, the internet is full of misguided information about pets’ health. Questions like ‘Can dogs have peanut butter?’ or ‘is peanut safe for dogs?’, often cause worry to dog owners. But you don’t have to worry, as here are some answered FAQs that may resolve some of your queries about your dog eating peanut butter.

Can dogs eat peanut butter?

Undoubtedly, dogs can eat peanut butter without Xylitol, a sugar substitute used in low or sugar-free products. 

Can we give peanut butter to dogs? 

Yes, you can. However, always check the label before buying peanut butter, making sure it includes only peanuts. Also, you have to offer them treats as a snack and not more than 10% for a balanced diet. 

Is peanut butter okay for dogs?

Yes, peanut butter is okay for dogs to eat. 

Is peanut butter safe for dogs? 

Yes, it is. Some food items for animals have similar nutritional values to humans. For example, Xylitol — an alternative to sugar — can be found in peanut butter. It is consumed by humans but acts as a poison for dogs and other animals. So, check the label before purchasing peanut butter for your dog. Then, give them Xylitol free peanut butter without any worries.

Which peanut butter is good for dogs?

Usually, any peanut butter that does not contain Xylitol (and maybe chocolate) would be fine for dogs to consume as a treat. However, multiple peanut butter is available in the market that offers extra goodness in their product. Floof & Co.’s Gourmet Pawnut Butter is the best fit. It is made only with peanuts and cold-pressed oil. You can also make your peanut butter version by mixing the essential ingredients. 


Which peanut butter is safe for dogs?

There are specific brands that offer healthy and organic peanut butter in the market. Some of them are Floof & Co., Pintola, Crazy Richard’s, Truefarm etc. 

Peanut Butter is a delicious treat for your dogs, and they love to finish every bit of it. But as a pet owner, you have to take care of some of the essential dos and don’ts. First, make sure they consume a proper amount and eat it safely to grow healthy and energetic.