Dog cake ingredients | Ingredients used for making dog cakes

  • Jun 29, 2022
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Barkdays > birthdays

Every dog lover will agree!

Most of us look forward to our dog’s birthday more than our own because it’s a reminder that we are blessed. It was on this day that your munchkin arrived in this world and chose you to be their forever best friend. That’s a very special feeling.

But, as much as we treat them like our babies, the fact remains that their diet is different. There are many things that we can’t feed them. We must remember that while looking at ingredients for dog cakes.

How to pick the right cake for your dog

If you plan to purchase a cake, we urge you to take a very close look at the following:

  •   The ingredients: All the dog birthday cake ingredients must be safe and healthy. If your dog has food allergies, you should be all the more careful. Besides going through the puppy cake ingredients, we recommend that you speak to the baker personally and ensure that there’s nothing that can aggravate your pupper on their special day.
  •   The taste: The yumminess factor MUST be high. After all, it’s their birthday! Peanut butter and meat are known to be universally loved by dogs but again, these depend on allergies too. If you are getting a custom cake made, you can always ask for your dog’s favourite food to be included (Carrot, banana, etc.)
  •   The shape: The doggo may not care about the shape of the cake but we are sure you do. So, for everyone’s happiness, buy a cake that’s personal and suits your dog. It could be a bone-shaped cake, a cake with their picture on it, a paw-shaped cake, or a numbered cake.

Best ingredients to make a dog cake

Celebrate your furry friend’s barkday with some delicious, healthy, and safe ingredients such as the following. This should be your go-to list especially if you are baking the cake at home.

  •   Rice
  •   Oats
  •   Almonds
  •   Potatoes
  •   Buckwheat
  •   Arrowroot
  •   Coconut
  •   Ragi
  •   Maple syrup
  •   Honey
  •   Yogurt
  •   Eggs
  •   Whipped cream (for frosting)
  •   Peanut butter
  •   Applesauce
  •   Pumpkin
  •   Chicken
  •   Cream cheese
  •   Apples
  •   Strawberries
  •   Peas
  •   Coconut oil

Ingredients that you must avoid

Ensure that the following are not in the list of puppy cake ingredients. They cause health problems and can be fatal.

  •   Chocolate (oh no!)
  •   Raisins
  •   Grapes
  •   Avocado
  •   Nutmeg
  •   Any substance with Xylitol in it
  •   Macadamia nuts
  •   Caffeine
  •   Any other food that’s not recommended for your dog

How long does a dog cake last?

Dog cakes are typically made for immediate consumption. They may remain for 2-3 days in the fridge but we advise you to have it delivered on the birthday itself and finish it within a day. Depending on the dog cake ingredients, some cakes may last for up to a week in the fridge. Most custom cakes come with consumption instructions. Follow them and everything should be fine.


Make sure you make your best friend’s birthday super special by choosing the right ingredients for dog cake. Whether you order it or bake it yourself, the ingredients play a major role in ensuring that your doggo has a great time with no health concerns.

Our celebration cakes at Floof & Co are made to order with only dog-friendly ingredients. Please visit our website for more details.