Calcium Rich Dog Foods

  • Jun 01, 2022
  • By Nikhitha Lakkam
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9 Best Calcium Rich Foods For Dogs

Is calcium important ? Well, calcium rich foods for dogs are extremely essential to keep them healthy & happy. Calcium sources are necessary for your floof to keep them away from nutrient deficiency. They are also beneficial in many ways which we will find out later in this article.


Little Bruno loves his food and chews,

But is he getting enough calcium?

It is as important for them as humans,

1.25gm/1000kcal is the bare minimum!


We all grew up being forced to drink milk every day because it is rich in calcium. Remember? Well, if you love milk, that’s a different story but for those of us who don’t, these memories are vivid and sort of unpleasant. However, we must thank our parents for never giving up because calcium is one of the building blocks of life.


The same holds true for our little fur friends. Adults need at least 1.25gm/1000kcal and puppies need almost 3 times as much (around 4.5gm/1000kcal).


Importance of Calcium for Dogs

Calcium rich foods for dogs are important because they are one of the most essential nutrients for dogs, just like it is for humans. It contributes to the following:


  •   Healthy bones
  •   Teeth maintenance
  •   Muscle building
  •   Muscle function
  •   Nervous system health
  •   Heart health
  •   Overall growth


Most packaged foods contain little to no calcium unless they are formulated specifically for bone and muscle health. Natural foods such as eggs and vegetables, on the other hand, are a good source of calcium for dogs. So, if your doggo eats packaged or processed food, they may be at the risk of developing health concerns related to calcium deficiency. These include:


  •   Osteoporosis
  •   Lethargy and lack of appetite
  •   Stiffness in joints
  •   Restlessness
  •   Rickets
  •   Dizziness
  •   Seizures
  •   Muscle twitching

Top 9 Calcium Rich Foods for Dogs 

Fortunately, it is quite easy to avoid calcium deficiency and it all depends on the diet. Including a few calcium-rich foods in your doggo’s daily diet will ensure that they grow well and are healthy. Some of the most calcium rich foods for dogs are as follows:



Ah, of course! Even dogs have to eat their vegetables! Kale, broccoli, spinach, and beans are rich in calcium and must be a part of your dog’s diet. If they don’t like them raw, you can always cook them and mix them with their food (chicken, fish, red meat, etc.).



Yogurt is delicious, easily available, and one of the best calcium treats for dogs. Yogurt is not just rich in calcium but also probiotics, which keep the stomach healthy. You can opt for low-fat curd as well, depending on the age and health of your dog.



Fish are high calcium foods for dogs, especially sardines. Make sure your furry friend is eating them regularly. You can feed sardines cooked and/or frozen, based on preference.



Salmon is another fish that’s very rich in calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, and more. We highly recommend this fish for all dogs.



Who doesn’t love cheese?! It’s yummy and it fulfills the calcium requirement of dogs easily. So, don’t shy away from giving your little dog cottage cheese every now and then. You can also opt for mozzarella and goat cheese.



Eggs are a common part of dogs’ diet and if you haven’t been giving yours any eggs yet, it is time to start immediately. They are nutritious, delicious, and very good for health.


Chicken bones

All dogs love chewing bones. Take advantage of this and literally throw them a (chicken) bone. While they enjoy chewing, they will extract the necessary calcium.


The only thing to remember is that some bones can be harmful. Depending on the size of your dog, choose small, rounded bones that do not have choking hazards. If they eat too fast and tend to swallow food, take the vet’s advice to avoid medical issues.


Chicken meat

Even the meat of chicken is a good calcium source. It fulfills their protein requirement as well. Freshly cooked chicken is the best calcium food for dogs and we discourage processed food.


Please note that milk is NOT one of the best sources of calcium for dogs. It may be okay for puppies but adults may not be able to digest it. The aforementioned foods are excellent alternatives.



A healthy and balanced diet will keep most nutrition-related concerns away but there may be other factors as well. Despite following a calcium-rich diet, if Bruno is deficient, the vet will recommend supplements. A short duration is usually enough to replenish the deficit. Kindly follow the vet’s recommendation.


At Floof & Co, we make healthy dog treats that are safe and delicious. To know more, please visit our website or get in touch with us.