10 pawsome ways to host your floof’s birthday

  • Oct 01, 2022
  • By Sri Priya
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Floofs shower us with love, loyalty and affection, so return the favour with lots of pampering at a special birthday party event for your floof. Read on for ways to host the pawfect pawty:


1) Pamper session for your floof


If your floof loves to get pampered in a spa, this is a pawfect birthday treat! Give him a day at the spa where he can get a great haircut and a deeply soothing massage. Sometimes, a pampering session doesn’t even require leaving home. Give your floof a good wipe down with wet wipes and a fresh, warm blanket from the dryer to curl up and a long snuggle session will make his day. If all goes according to the plan, you’ll have a content and a dapper looking birthday floof on your side.


2) Pick the perfect outfit for the day


Your floof deserves a new pawfect outfit for his/hers birthday. If you have a theme picked for your floof party, you can get the outfit customised for your floof. Ensure that the outfit you pick is comfortable for your floof to move around in and play with his/her friends. Dress your floof up so he/she looks like the host and let the pawty begin!


3) Pick out gifts for your floof


Your floof is spoiled everyday, but his/her birthday is a pawfect reason to do so more. You could get your floof tennis balls, Kong’s or even softer fluff toys. If your floof has a favourite toy, get him/her a brand new one. You can also let your floof pick out a toy from your favourite floof store. Let your floof open the gift after its wrapped.


4) Decorate the party space


Balloons are standard birthday décor, of course, but there are tons of floof-themed ways do it too. Find some fantastic floof themed ideas online, then pick your favourite. You can put up cute bone-shaped banner or you can print out your floofs picture and make it as a banner. Add in some floof friendly confetti and party hats. Also, you can make a chalkboard sign with the drink and snack menu.



5) Invite all of your floofs friends


There is no floof pawty without your floofs entire gang. Invite the crew over for a day of running, playing, snacks and sniffing. Make sure you are inviting the humans for supervision. Make cute pawty invites with your floofs paw prints and the pawty details.


6) Order the perfect pupcake and treats (Doggie icecream)


It’s a good idea to check with other floof humans to find out if there are any ingredients you should avoid. You can order a pawfect floof cake customised to the party theme for the floofs to enjoy. You could also order floof brownies, pupcakes, donuts and treats. Put out portioned dog treats, carrots, bananas, icecreams are easy for floofs to munch on. You can whip a floof approved icecream with bananas, plain yogurt and cream and freeze it overnight. Make sure your party has plenty of fresh water for all the floofs.



7) Don’t forget food for the human friends


Don’t forget about the humans and make sure you have some snacks and treats for them as well. You can throw in some chicken wings, French fries and cupcakes. Keep the floof and human treats separate to prevent confusion. Humans can eat some of the floof treats but make sure floofs don’t end up eating human cupcakes by mistake.


8) Get portraits for your floof and set up a photo booth


You will surely want to capture your floof’s birthday party with cute photos. You can find a local photographer and make an appointment for a special birthday portrait session. You can also make the photos more fun by setting up a cute photo booth. Capture photos of all the floofs at the pawty with humans, and send each guest with a photo of their floof. It’s a fun way to remember the pawty. Also, create a memory book for your floof, including each year’s birthday photos, as a future keepsake.


9) Include Entertainment


Both floofs and humans at your pawty need to be entertained. Keep the furry guests happy with a selection of toys they can play with at the pawty and take home as well. You can also organise activities your guests can take part in with their pets, including a ball toss or tug of war. Ensure to keep an eye on your floof and floof guests while they are playing. Even the best floof friends can have misunderstandings.


10) Make floof hampers for your floofs friends


Have favour bags ready for the party guests. The hampers could include small toys, such as a tennis ball or chew toy, handful of floof treats, a bandana and some treats for the humans too.



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