10 Best Puppy Treats in India That Your Pup Will Absolutely Love

  • May 13, 2022
  • By Venkateswara Reddy
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If you think humans are big eaters, you should consider it again. Animals love to devour food that elevates their appetite. Right food aids their health and their potential to perform better. Like every pet owner, you also want to buy your pet's best treats and biscuits. 

But also, be mindful of the food or treats that have preservatives. Artificial preservatives such nitrates, benzoates, sulfites, sorbates, parabens, formaldehyde, BHT, BHA, and others have been linked to major health problems like hypersensitivity, allergy, asthma, hyperactivity, neurological damage, and cancer, according to studies.

Keep your pets safe with food and treats that do not have preservatives or colours. Speaking of colours, they’re harmful too.

Many puppy treats' Indian companies offer treats full of nutrients and is easy on your puppy’s guts. Here are a few, take a look.

Best Dog Treats in India

Here are some of the best puppy treats in India that are healthy, affordable and tasty that every dog will love to eat. The list includes the treats with the right chewiness and is good for training your dog while feeding them.

Floof & Co.

The traits at Floof & Co. are handmade with love and organically sourced ingredients. They are preservative-free, with no added sugar/salt, and no added flavours/colours. Just pure nutrition. Your dog will go gaga over the taste and will definitely run behind it leaving others aside. It’s one of the best training treats for puppies in India and is available in various flavours that make it even more favourable for your pup’s/dog’s taste.

Pedigree Dentastix

A trustable brand in India with the best reviews from several pet owners. It’s a healthy alternative snack for your dog but comes with one disadvantage, i.e., it may be offered as a snack and not for rewarding treats.

Himalaya Healthy Treats for Dogs

Another healthy treat for your dog is made of natural ingredients and good taste. Himalaya healthy treats are also known for their natural-based products so they will be a good pick for your pet.


Gnawlers is known for its premium quality dog treats. It offers dog bones, chews, treats and snacks for all breeds of dogs. In addition, Gnawlers produces the best chew sticks for puppies in India, so if you are specifically looking for chewy treats, this can be your next pick.

Meat up Biscuit, Dog Treats

If your dog loves a meaty treat, get them this one. It’s hard and crunchy biscuits with no food colouring.

Snackers Dog’s Treats

The most liked dog treat that is 100% natural and boosts your pet's energy. Also, the best treats for puppies in India are good for your dog's dental health.

Drools Power Bites

Drools Power Bites offers the best dog treats with a tagline, feed real, and feed clean. These treats are made up of real chicken and are rich in protein with no gluten. The treat also is used to train your dogs while also helping them grow. 

Nootie Salami Dog Treat 

Nootie offers a chewy treat for your little puppies, soft and not the hard ones. It’s perfect for your small puppy and feels soft on puppy teeth.

Dogsee crunch Dog Training Treats

Made up of yak’s cheese and handcrafted in the Himalayas, this could be one of the best puppy treats for training in India. It’s soft, chewable and lasts in the mouth longer than other treats. These are cheesy and are hundred per cent natural with no gluten and preservatives.


Getting a fair idea of what type of treat your dog should be eating will form a healthy diet for your dearest pet. As you start feeding your dog the right food, it will eventually grow into a healthy dog.


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